DRiFT the DJ

a little bit about...


Drift the DJ has been in the mix professionally for 25 years between New Zealand, Australia and back again.

Starting out DJing at school for the school dances, he progressed to clubs of all sorts and has had experience in Club DJing, MCing, Karaoke Hosting, Private Functions, Weddings, Bush-Doofs, Raves and anything to do with REALLY LOUD music.


No style of music is off limits for Drift - from RnB & Hip Hop, through Rock and Pop, and just about every genre of EDM.

His favourite styles to mix are Trance, Hard Trance, Hard Style, House and Electro.

Drift’s weapon of choice for DJing is his recentley acquired Numark NS7iii DJ Controller running NZ's own Serato DJ Pro. Drift is also highly experienced in Vinyl and CDJ fomats.

More than a DJ...

Creating music is also a big part of Drift’s life. Starting out on hardware synths at the age of 13, he quickly developed a love of everything analog.

Drift earned his first album credits as a writer and producer of an album way back in 1995.

In the early 2000’s he moved more toward PC based recording, but missed the feel of tactile control, so re-thought his studio set-up and moved back to vintage hardware.

Drift has a vast collection of hardware synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and audio processing gear in his arsenal, and still uses an Atari STe to sequence... Recording is handled by a 24 Track Alesis HD 24 Digital Recorder.

Drift is a firm believer in NOT CHARGING LIKE A WOUNDED BULL for his gigs,

so get in contact now to get your party started.